sabato 11 giugno 2011


Hello there! Hope to see you in Malaga (September)

And in Lille (November). Then, in the same week, I'll be in Paris at Apo K Lyps comics shop for a signing session.
Schedule will be posted here soon! Stay tuned!

If you're interested in some original art pieces, please visit the art for sale page and order your piece. I can bring with me only few original pages, so please preorder them if you're looking for something specific.

See you soon!! ;)

2 commenti:

salvo muscarà ha detto...

Stai diventando un mito Emanuela ...
è un onore essere un tuo amico :)

fanpi ha detto...

you came from malaga?whoaa i`m hope to will go to see you if i can ^^ (sorry, my english is veri bad, but i don't know nothing of italian:P)